AdSkills 2.0 Is Here!

Here's What You Need To Know...

Where Is Everything I Purchased?

First, let us say THANK YOU! When we launched our first ad buying course we had no idea it would turn into the amazing community we have here in AdSkills today. We have been overwhelmed with joy and humbled by the amazing things you're achieving as a community that we were excited to take AdSkills to a new level. (more on that in a minute)

Second... Don't FRET! Everything you've loved about AdSkills is still available for you. We're just making updates :)

The AdSkills Classroom has moved to - This is where you can access any course you've purchased from 2016 until August 31, 2021. Your classroom login should have transferred to the new location as well.

If you have any issues accessing a purchase please submit a ticket to our support team at They respond within 24 hours M-F. 

What Is AdSkills 2.0?

All New CORE Curriculum

We've taken the winning strategies we've taught over the last 4 years and built an all new 9 week program for ad buyers. This is meant to help ANY ONE get started with a new career in ad buying. 

New Members Area

AdSkills 2.0 has a new home built on Kajabi. In here can access to our new 9 week program as well as, track your course completion and join in on the conversation in the new CORE community

Pro League Is Leveling Up

Pro League is so much more than a community now as it includes tools, a marketplace, and weekly coaching calls!

New Certification Perks

Once certified you'll have TWO ways AdSkills helps you increase your earnings. We have a matchmaker actively meeting businesses and introducing you to them. Plus we have new marketplace offers where we promote your offers

Who's Getting AdSkills 2.0?

If you've purchased AdSkills Agency, AdSkills All Access Pass, or any AdSkills Bootcamp course you've been grandfathered in to AdSkills 2.0. You should receive an email by Saturday 9/4 with login access to AdSkills 2.0. 

If you've purchased the Traffic Trifecta, Bulletproof Bundle, or Any Individual course from AdSkills over the last 5 years, you'll still maintain access to everything you purchased now available at 

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm Not Sure What I've Purchased?

If you're unsure what you've purchased in the past from AdSkills, we're happy to help. Just send an email to and we'll send you a purchase history. 

How Do I Know If 2.0 Is Included In What I've Purchased?

We've sent an email to all members that were grandfathered in to AdSkills 2.0. We did our best to make it fair for all of our long time loyal members :) If you're unsure, you can always send an email to to find out. 

I Have A Recurring Subscription, What Will Happen To That? 

All Bulletproof Bundle and Traffic Trifecta Subscriptions will be cancelled September 3, 2021. If you receive a charge after that date, please submit a support ticket for a refund. If you have a Teams subscription or All Access Pass Subscription, those will remain active as you have ongoing support in AdSkills 2.0. If cancelled you will lose access to AdSkills 2.0. in addition to AdSkillsLegacy. 

I'm Already Certified. Do I need to get certified again?

Yes, but not right now. AdSkills is continually working to maintain a valuable certification that the industry respects. To do that, we want to ensure AdSkills certified members stay on top of new trends, new networks, and better strategies. The AdSkills certification will have a yearly recertification test (not as long as the first, but sums up any big changes that occurred during that year.

If you were certified before 2021, you will not need to renew until 2022. 

What is AdSkills Legacy?

AdSkills Legacy is where all of our previous courses will continue to be available for past customers to access them. This includes Media Buying Masters, Conversion Tracking Masters, Bulletproof Courses, Bootcamps and more. If you purchased a course from AdSkills between 2016 until September 2021, the courses you purchased will be available at

How Much Is AdSkills 2.0?

AdSkills 2.0 has 2 levels, CORE and ProLeague. CORE is $8.99/month and Pro League is $149/month. See the full details of both memberships here