$0.10 CPM’s & Cheaper CPC’s? [Daily Edge]

I am floored my friends…

When this hit me I knew I immediately had to write you, even though I already sent out an email today.

Ever since October, I been getting emails, PMs, texts, Skype, and Slack messages from people saying “My click costs are so high right now.”

Part of it is the holidays, the ad networks know just like we know that this time of year is the most profitable. They're just trying to get their piece of the pie like you are.

But actually it's deeper than that.

4 years ago I put a video called “The Unavoidable Website Traffic Crisis” and people told me I was out of my gords.

In my whiniest nerdiest voice… “But but Justin I'm getting $0.20 clicks right now in Facebook” and “But but Justin I'm getting $0.05 fans right now in Facebook.”

Fast forward 4 years and these same muhfuggas now crying on my shoulder.

It's ok though, ya boy's gotch your back!

This newsletter ain't called “The Daily Edge” because it sounds pretty, it's called that because I help you stay out on the edge. Out in front of everyone else so you can profit while others cry a puddle.

Lend me your ear, one last time today my friends…

So this weekend I picked up some items from the dollar store.

30 items to be exact.

I been watching these youtube videos about flipping walmart sale items and dollar store items on Amazon. I figured this might be a good thing I can teach my family and help them earn a buck.

I priced out all the items while in the store, I paid at the register just $29 and change, but my calculator said this stuff was worth $196 on Amazon.

No, Amazon isn't the cheap traffic source.

I'm trying to tell a story…

These same guys, the youtubers, also make videos about their shopify stores. I find this stuff fascinating, so I watch. And something I notice is a pattern emerging.

Youtuber 1: blah blah blah Instagram shout out $40 blah blah blah

Youtuber 2: yada yada yada Instagram shout out $50 yada yada yada

Youtuber 3: wah wah wah Instagram shout out just $30 wah wah wah

Are you picking up what I'm putting down???

Not yet?

Ok let me drive this home…

At the very start of the Internet, the main place to buy ads was TV, Radio, Magazines, and Newspapers. Oh yeah, Yellow Pages too, remember them big fat books. They make great firestarters now.

All of these places grew to be quite expensive.

The little guy had to really really know what he was doing in order to squeeze out a profit. You had to know a guy who had some sort of system.

Much like ad networks today.

Back then, the Internet was a cheap place to advertise. You could strike up these really cheap deals by negotiating with the website owners. The website owners didn't have a sales team and rate cards and all the other expensive things like TV/Radio/Print had.

Back in early 2000's website owners didn't really know their worth so you could get amazing deals on lots of traffic. Even Google back then was charging just $0.05 per click.

History is repeating itself my friends!

The ad networks of today are like TV/Radio/Print of yesteryear.

And social media influencers are the websites.

The Instagram dude who has 500,000 followers thinks it's amazing that someone wants to pay him $50 just to post something on Instagram from his phone.

He's not realizing that he just sold his ad inventory for just $0.10 CPM.

Try doing the same thing with an official Instagram ad and your CPM will be $25 – $100, plus they are going to sneak in some garbage inventory without you knowing.

These direct deals with Instagram influencers allow you to choose a really high quality traffic source. You can look at their profiles and see if they have fake followers or real ones. It's pretty easy to see if they have no engagement or a lot of engagement.

Fake followers don't leave comments!

So you go to Instagram, you search for a few profiles that have your target audienc, you slide the home boy a $100 bill, and you get clicks. This is called an Instagram shout out.

I don't have a course for this… Yet.

But I can tell you this is going to be the next big wave of digital traffic. I'm not inventing this. It's already happening. Smart shopify sellers are doing this quietly all day. I'm just reporting back to you what I see working.

Helping you get that edge. Daily.

…see what I did there? 🙂

While all the big brands are now on Google Adwords and Facebook, you and I are juking.

Let them fight over the $100 CPM's and we'll gobble up all the $0.10 CPM's.

For now, let's discuss this in Pro League

until I have a course. I'll show you what I'm doing with influencer ads behind the scenes, and together we can master this new source of high quality super cheap traffic.

Your #1 Fan,
Justin Brooke
Founder of AdSkills.com

Google Display and Native Ads, still have really great traffic at really great prices. I'm still seeing $0.20 – $0.50 CPC's here. I'm still putting my own money in these places. I'm not at all saying this is the end of ad networks, but I am saying I can see the end coming. It's a few years away, but I'm hoping to help you get a head start. You should be buying influencer ads on Instagram, Youtube, Twitch, Podcasts, and anywhere else you can. EAT UP THESE CHEAP CLICKS!

P.P.S. Am I starting a shopify store? Amazon store? Probably not. While I see the value and the opportunity, I already have two successful business. Gotta stay focused.


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