Daily Edge #110 – Social Media ROI?

Turn Your Social Media Profiles Into ATM's?

You would NOT believe the AirBNB drama we've been through this week.

Apparently our recent host has been in a year long “neighbor war” with his neighbor. Like, literally courts and barricades involved!

We were barricaded from parking at our AirBNB for a whole week until I finally had enough and called AirBNB to get it resolved.

Today, I wanted to share with you two of my most powerful social media tips…

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Frankly, I believe social media is the truest form of direct response marketing that's ever been created.

You don't get much more DIRECT than posting a message and within minutes getting real responses from other humans all over the world.

But the real power behind social media is that you can delete your post quickly if it's not getting traction.

Obviously, not every post needs to be meticulously measured, but when you're trying to make it count, here's some tips…

For me, if a post isn't getting AT LEAST 1 like a minute within in the first 5 mins, then it gets deleted and I try again with another post.

If you do this within 5 minutes, really only a handful of people will have seen your colossal failure 🤓 so you're fine.

And it's free to post again.

This is one of the benefits of social media over email. You press send on that email, that shits out there. No reeling it back in.

Also, if you were to quickly just fire another email out every 5mins until you got one that worked… Your subscribers would riot and maybe stone you.

Relax, this isn't a social media beats email. They are both great, just pointing out one area where SM wins. Email has plenty of it's own win columns too.

Don't be afraid to delete your posts.

It's free.

No one really notices.

And you just might create a new one that crushes.

Lastly, once a week add your posts to a spreadsheet. Doesn't have to be the whole post, 1st sentence, or summarizing phrase, whatever.

Add in the number of likes, shares, and comments. Ideally, revenue or leads generated too if you have that info.

Now, you have a tracking system to know which topics and types of posts are 🔥 and which are 💩

These two little tweaks to your social media game will add a huge impact. You'll start seeing higher engagement, more followers, and if you sell stuff, more sales too.

You Rock,
AdSkills Team