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New Course Updates!

1. We just updated our Facebook ads course to include CBO, which stands for campaign budget optimizer. Just in time too because Facebook just announced that they will be making CBO the default mode all new campaigns start with.

Watch our CBO update video here...

2. We've also updated our Google ads course to now include Google shopping ads! This is huge for any of you ecom sellers or ecom affiliates. And you'll notice a new instructor. Don't worry we still have the million dollars managed rule, all AdSkills instructors must have managed over a million dollars in ad spend before they can teach a course.

Watch our Google Shopping Ads update here...

3. Annnnnd we now have Snapchat Ads + PowerInbox Ads covered through our new program called Emerging Networks. This new program is not a "course" it is more of a highlight and best practices for new ad networks that we think you should test. These ad networks are not popular enough for us to make a whole course, but promising enough that we think you should know how to test it out.

Watch our Emerging Networks update here...

If you don't have access to any of these trainings email [email protected] or message him here in slack (@Mathias Tamasi) he can help you get access.


All of these courses are included in the Agency level. The focus of the Agency level is to expand your expertise for scaling campaigns to larger audiences as well as build your skills in managing other media buyers so you can have a business less reliant on YOU. Click "Tell Me More" and we'll send you more information on how to move to this level.