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Meet Your Instructor: Liana Ling

Justin 11yrs ago with just $60 in an Adwords account and turned it into 6 figures. Then opened a digital ad agency and grew it to 7 figures. He’s spent over $10 million dollars on ads and his client list includes Dan Kennedy, Ryan Deiss, Russell Brunson, Ed Okeefe, Jon Assaraf and more. 

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Module 1: Introduction

Lesson 1: What is this ad network good at?
Lesson 2: Who is this ad network best for?
Lesson 3: What is this ad network not good at?
Lesson 4: What do ads look like on this network?

Module 2: Campaign Research

Lesson 5: Market Research - Getting to know your customer (links to MR course)
Lesson 6: Targeting options
Lesson 7: What are my ad options  & Good vs. bad ads
Lesson 8: How to create your message - split tests 

Module 3: Campaign Planning

Lesson 9:  Tracking setup (link to conversion tracking masters)
Lesson 10: Media Plan breakdown
Lesson 11: Creating ad copy
Lesson 12: Ad creative 
Lesson 13: What you need to know about compliance

Module 4: Campaign Execution

Lesson 14: What does good Account structure and campaign structure look like?
Lesson 15: Launching your campaign

Module 5: Campaign Optimization

Lesson 16: Reading the reporting dashboard
Lesson 17: Optimizing based on the numbers
Lesson 18: Pro’s do that rookies don’t
Lesson 19: What could go wrong and how to fix it
Lesson 20: Tools you recommend and why

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